Demi Knowles Demi Knowles is a 24 year old who has had a troubled home life and as a result suffers from anxiety. She wants to overcome this anxiety by getting out of her comfort zone and sees this opportunity to learn to work on boats as a way to achieve this.
Aras Zakir Aras Zahir travelled to the UK from Syria. He is part of a project helping to create sustainable energy for cooking for poor families and is aiming to complete a course on Travel and Tourism at Clyde College.
Stacey McDougall Stacey McDougall is 26 years old, she left school early to support her mum and 7 siblings. She has struggled to leave the house due to anxiety, while she understands her strengths she is looking for new challenges to help her build her confidence.
Laura Hampton Laura began sailing in an Optimist dinghy aged 10 and has not looked back, going from one adventure to another. Follow the link to read more about her involvement with the Royal Dee Sailing Trust.